I’m starting off 2017 with a challenge to myself to write a mini-biography of one ancestor, every week of the year.  It’s a 52 ancestor challenge.  I wish I could say I thought of this but the idea is not original to me.  Amy Johnson Crow did it a few years ago and links to many good blogs can be found on Amy’s website. Roberta Estes in her blog, DNAeXplained, has been writing long, detailed, DNA fact-filled essays every week for much longer than 52 weeks.

My main goal is to finally write down in a somewhat organized fashion, what I know about some of my ancestors so that my kids and grandkids will have something to help them understand all the binders on the bookshelf in my study.  Perhaps it will be interesting to others who have ancestors with similar backgrounds.  I know I enjoy reading books and blogs about other families.

I had hoped to get a new ancestor posted every Friday or Saturday, starting on January 6, 2017, but I’m already a bit behind.  I’ll try to catch up!

Liz Walker

The photo above is of the stained glass window that was part of my grandparent’s house (Roy Franklin and Lucy Elizabeth Burks Dill) in Evansville, Indiana.  It was removed and hung in my parent’s house in Florissant, Missouri for several years where this photo was taken.  I have possession of it now but it has not yet been hung in my home.


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